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We offer indoor and outdoor TV installation in Alton and Surrounding Madison County, IL

Opening a sports bar is a great idea, but you're not limited to what happens inside your establishment. A set of TVs on a patio will improve your venue's entertainment value. If you want to give patrons another reason to visit, call Advanced Wiring Solutions for TV installation services in the East Alton & Alton, Illinois area.

You can put a TV on any wall or any outdoor area to meet your needs. A professional installer will securely hang a TV wherever you'd like it so you don't have to worry about it falling down. Call 618-550-2668 today to learn more about our TV mounting services in the Alton and Surrounding Madison County, IL area.

Protect your outdoor television

Protect your outdoor television

It's important to hook up and install your audio and video system correctly. You'll have nothing to worry about when our TV installation includes:

  • Outdoor TV cases
  • Theft-proof connections
  • Waterproof cases

Contact Advanced Wiring Solutions today to schedule TV mounting services at your home or business in Alton or Surrounding Madison County, IL.

Advanced Wiring Solutions can do all of the wiring for your commercial space including multiple televisions!

We can do the wiring for a box that connects to multiple televisions and any phone system. This will not only save you on time but also on money!